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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Barriers to a Business Turnaround

A business turnaround may be inevitable to ensure survival. The business may be in decline or simply out of control, with many opportunities to add value missed.

Business owners have an understandable aversion to asking for help in managing their organisation. This may be due to:
• Embarrassment at the perceived failure of the owner in the eyes of others
• Reluctance to accept that the business does need help
• Inability to identify warning signs
• Fear that their own position may become untenable
• An attitude of ‘ma┼łana’

When is the best time for a business owner to seek expert help with a business turnaround?

It will never be too early to supplement skill sets that may be lacking in an organisation, but act before it is too late. Regain control of your business – be proactive and seek professional help with your business turnaround.

10 Steps to a Successful Business Turnaround

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