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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Discover Why Businesses Change

Many businesses operate with little or no strategy to avoid problems and create value in the organization. This will happen in good times as well as bad and will possibly result from a belief that:

- It is not broke so don't fix it
- There is no competition the business is in a niche
- The business cannot make changes there are no in-house skills capable of manageing the change
- Soon it will be someone else's problem; the business owner is retiring
And so on

Such organisations generally adopt a reactionary position to business life; the organisation fails to take business planning seriously and is focused on resolving current issues than establishing a mechanism to allow problems to be anticipated and actioned prior to becoming an issue. The import of this can be found when comparing organizations that:
- gain year on year success
- attract the most skilled staff
- train staff in new skills
- have set their goals and know how they are to be achieved

Read 'Discover 10 Reasons Why Businesses Implement Change' and guage what changes will occur in your business, if any?

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