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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Business Control

The communication channels between the business owner and the accountant may not adequately satisfy the concerns and frustrations experienced by both parties.

The business owner may feel inferior arising out of a poor understanding of accounting terminology, accounting systems or legal responsibilities; whilst the accountant may forever be awaiting responses to queries and consequently reacting to situations and forced to complete work immediately prior to the deadline.

In this environment the business bookkeeper may be able to resolve some issues but if deep seated concerns exist that distract from the growth of the business, then professional advice should be sought.

A simple exercise is to check if you are REALLY in control of your business.

Do you know understand all the numbers in your Balance Sheet? Are reasons for lower profits or poor cash flow known?

Take the free Business Health Check today.

There is nothing to lose but much to gain.

If you require further help in this matter please contact DAW Consulting.

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