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Monday, January 14, 2008

Leadership Skill and the Business Owner

Are all SME business owners good leaders – sadly not.

Many business owners possess the technical skills to develop, make or sell a product or service, but do not have the business acumen to convert their talents into a successful business.

Why is this?

It may be:
- a negativity towards the business world
- an unwillingness to add good leadership skills to their skill set
- time constraints preventing the learning of new skills
- a blasé attitude towards their business; “it has been OK in the past it will work in the future”

In many expanding SME businesses the role of the owner must change if success is to be achieved. The business will become more complex and the owner should devote more time to leading the business and less time actually executing the work.

This change will necessitate the gaining of leadership skills.

What are leadership skills?

Leadership is about having the vision for the business, setting the goals and having the ability to inspire and enthuse others to share and achieve those goals. The passion and drive to reach the goals is of paramount importance, however, directing others in a manner that will encourage their commitment to being part of ‘the team’ will be critical.

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