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Thursday, May 17, 2007

How Good is Your Finance Director?

As the business owner your Finance Director should be helping you in the management of your business, but how effective is the position holder?

How does your Finance Director rate?

Ask YOURSELF the following questions:

1. Is MY Finance Director the first person I refer to when I need to discuss issues?
2. Does MY Finance Director prepare accounts and other management information in a timely and understandable manner?
3. Does MY Finance Director communicate well and in a timely manner with other directors and members of staff to avoid surprises?
4. Is MY Finance Director pro-active in the decision making process?
5. Is MY Finance Director respected by his/her peers?
6. Is MY Finance Director actively assisting ME in developing the strategy of the business?
7. Is MY Finance Director’s relationship with banks, investors, auditors, customers, suppliers and other third parties built on respect and trust?
8. Does MY Finance Director behave ethically in all business relationships?
9. Does MY Finance Director research and fully evaluate issues prior to taking investment and strategy decisions?
10.Is MY Finance Director committed to his/her Continual Professional Development (CPD)?
11.Does MY Finance Director train others in understanding the import of good financial management within the business?
12.Does MY Finance Director seek ways to continually improve business systems, procedures and practices?

If you have answered NO to just one question you will be managing an organization where improvements can be made.

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