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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What is The Most Important section of a Business Plan?

Initially you may think all parts of your business plan are important. To some degree this is the case. However, if the purpose of preparing your plan is to attract investors or to gain the confidence of others in the future of your business, then it is critical that the reader's attention is gained, and retained, throughout the reading of the document.

Consequently, the Executive Summary will most probably be the first section of the plan to be read, and it should therefore be written in an informed and interesting manner to encourage the reader to read more.

The Executive Summary should be succinct, incorporate the highlights of the plan so that the reader will gain an understanding of what the business does, how it proposes to operate in the future and the potential financial rewards.

It is important to remember the section is a summary of the whole future business, and is to 'whet the appetite' of the reader to find out more.

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